1. The Architect should prepare a Client brief after discussions with you outlining all your requirements. This should also include your budget. The Client brief should be sent to you as a record, and will form the basis of the Design process.
  2. An initial Design submission to the client may vary in format. Some architects will do sketches with minimal detail at the Preliminary Design meeting, just to gauge the clients response to some ideas. Other Architects may provide  more detailed plans with some computer generated 3D images. There is no right or wrong approach, however, if you have difficulty reading plans, a 3D view of the proposal may be beneficial to help you to help you visualise the project.
  3. The First Design meeting is a time when you may be subjected to some ideas that you have not considered, and you should be open to a different view point, and be prepared to be embrace the Architects vision. Of course, if the Architect has missed the mark in terms of satisfying your brief, you need to say so and have him review the drawings.
  4. It could take a few attempts to fine tune the Design, and this is not uncommon. Ultimately you should have a Design you are happy and excited about.
  5. The Architect should give you an opinion of cost for the proposed Design. Hopefully it will be within your budget. If not, the Design or your brief may need to be altered to ensure you are not over Budget. Once your Design and Budget figures  have  been approved the Architect will embark on the next stage.